Builder's Lab


Once Christian began his partnership with Nike, it was apparent that work needed to be done toward creating the "World Record Breaking Shoe." He teamed up with designers from The Builder’s Lab, and so the greatest minds in the world came together to manufacture the perfect triple jump spike. The entire process took less than a year, and by Rio 2016, Christian won the Olympic final in his signature shoes.

With the medals under their belt and several jumps over the fabled 18m barrier, the obsession focussed on the 1%: What was the missing piece that prevented Christian from surpassing the WR?

The team took a different approach and began telling Christian’s story through his shoes, believing the emotional connection could inspire each competition and help him finally reach his goal. Aligned with the spirit of Nike, each new iteration contained a secret message in the shoe, always with a link to the University of Florida. Standout models include the all-gold pair, which paid tribute to Michael Johnson’s iconic Atlanta 1996 spike. A more recent collaboration was on display at the Doha World Championships, where Christian wore a spike matching that of NFL star Odell Beckham Junior.

The Builder’s Lab team has become so important to Christian that he continually searches for ways to display his appreciation for their dedication, innovation, and creativity. He most recently displayed his appreciation by adhering a signature Florida spike upper on his graduation cap.

"This team has encouraged and cared for me well beyond the field of play, and I would be remiss to overlook when such extraordinary people are in my life." – Christian