Tiger Balm

As Christian actively promotes an active lifestyle, partnering with Tiger Balm was a perfect fit.

Tiger Balm is a world-renowned company based in Singapore, but Christian has made close relationships with the US branch in San Francisco. This partnership grants him the opportunity to promote products domestically and internationally. As a dedicated user himself, Christian can relate to anyone who inquires about the products, sharing his insights on the different products and formulas that make up the Tiger Balm line.

The partnership has also enabled Christian to work alongside elite athletes in other fields. The Tiger Balm team includes Terry Adams, X Games Champion of flatland BMX; Sasha DiGiulian, World Champion rock climber; and Kristen Allen, World Champion acrobatic gymnast. Christian has learned from these athletes how Tiger Balm products are effective across all activity: no matter how strenuous, they keep bodies healthy enough to train daily.

Tiger Balm has also promoted Christian heavily on various mediums. He can be seen in Men’s Health Magazine, heard on Pandora Radio, and scattered throughout all social media platforms.

This relationship continues to grow, and their support through a second Olympic cycle will provide added incentive, as he wishes to represent the brand in the best way possible on sport’s biggest stage.