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Giving Back

Lifeplus is more than a supplement company; it is an organization researching to better our lives and the world. This company has a deep passion for learning from the past, maximizing the present, and protecting the future. Since the beginning, the founders and partners have committed to working towards leaving a legacy of excellence. Being mindful that working with the finest ingredients and having an unmatched sense of accountability would ensure the best products for the consumers.

LifePlus took its responsibility seriously and stayed true to its founding principles. There isn’t a moment when they are not considering how their decisions could impact the planet. They have additionally shown a keen interest in discovering the amazing things people can achieve by thinking of others. They are motivated to help people reach their full potential and recognize the roll their actions play in helping achieve these goals.

This shared enthusiasm for well-being and helping others extends to their investment towards the Lifeplus Foundation. A way of providing people living in challenging circumstances with a chance to grow and better their communities by means of clean water, good food, and education.

In the professional sporting realm, there is a significant focus on the 1%. The individual that takes care of the little things throughout the process, tends to have the greatest chances of reaching their highest potential. With this in mind, James Ellington, former training partner and close friend, recommended that Christian take the time to discover the many ways this organization and its products can bring his performance, recovery, and over well-being to the highest level. James experienced notable improvements in several areas of his life and wished to share the wealth with someone else.

Lifeplus has become an essential part of Christian’s day-to-day routine and both parties are vigorously working towards a successful journey towards Paris Summer Games 2024. This will be Christian’s 3rd and final Olympic Games venture and he plans on making this his best one yet.

Be sure to check out the official website and discover ways Lifeplus can help you discover your best self. Additionally, locate the numerous projects Lifeplus is working on and the opportunities you have to becoming part of our community.