History in the Making

Throughout its remarkable history, OMEGA has searched for means to improve the way we experience time. We can never get it back and always yearn for more, yet OMEGA’s focus has remained on maximizing this exact time in life.

OMEGA’s great respect for its history has challenged the organization to raise the bar in all walks of life continually. From the first moon landing to the exploration of our oceans' deepest regions. From James Bond’s world saving enterprises to partnering with the Olympic Games. OMEGA’s position in history cannot be overlooked, but it strives toward tomorrow’s history-making possibilities.

Christian’s admiration towards OMEGA’s impact on humankind and his desire to create his place in the history books has aligned the two parties. Beyond the performance realm, he has swiftly acknowledged the company’s culture and respect toward family. Being welcomed with open arms at a significant setback, OMEGA demonstrated that their support went well beyond the field of play, but their care and consideration lay with him. They stood beside and believed in him in the difficult times yet expressed their excitement and expectation for when the circumstances would improve.

Whether pop-culture, space travel, sea exploration, or breaking records, Christian relishes the opportunity to take on the journey with a brand that seeks to impact our world in a way we can never forget. This is HISTORY IN THE MAKING.