It Takes a Village

Over the last 14, Christian has worked with USA track and field(USATF). Starting from World Youth Championships to the Olympic Games, USATF has consistently provided opportunities to give him the greatest chance to succeed.

Christian competed in several USATF supported national championships throughout his collegiate years.  He experienced the elite stage of the sport whilst finding opportunities to mingle with some of the best athletes globally.

Once becoming a professional athlete, USATF immediately implemented training courses concerning essential materials such as financial literacy, branding and networking tools, career transitioning plans, and capitalizing on the athletic career window. (Emerging Elite Program)

USATF places a substantial focus on the individuals' wellbeing additionally to their athletic ability. Therefore, resources such as medical (St. Vincent hospital), mental health (sports psychologist), and healthy diets (sports nutritionist), which are available at the convenience of the athlete, have been invaluable tools that have assisted Christian to the prosperity and longevity of his career.

USATF hosts annual meetings where the professional athlete body is highly encouraged to attend and engage with the politics of the sport. As USATF covers a wide variety of age groups and disciplines, many issues need to be addressed. Still, USATF has made it apparent that the "athletes' voice" is a fundamental part of the decision-making process and has displayed this belief by enforcing ordinances requiring the presence of the athlete body before crucial decisions can be made.

USATF stepped up to assist its members throughout the pandemic and encouraged virtual mental health tools to help athletes navigate unchartered territory. Additionally, presenting grants to give their members access to training resources that may not have been available to them as a result of lockdown restrictions.

"It takes a village to raise a child" is highly applicable in Christian’s career. He will be the first to acknowledge that his success is merely a reflection of all the external support he has received through the years. This belief only adds to his sense of pride and joy when he stands on top of the podium, knowing that this is the greatest act of gratitude he can display to the federation that helped him reach this point, year after year.

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