Stephen A. Schwarzman Grant

The Stephen A. Schwarzman Grant was created to support elite athletes in their efforts toward reaching their goals on the highest levels of the sport. With over $6 million given away, the USA Track and Field Foundation is constantly searching for better ways to serve the athlete body.

When the realities of Covid-19 began to unveil, the preparations of athletes striving to reach the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games were suddenly interrupted. The board assembled, brainstormed, and reached out to the grant recipients to understand what the athletes were going through, where the opportunities lied, and created plans to meet those needs. This assistance varied from mental health support, legal representation, providing training equipment, presenting covid relief funds, and for some, creating a sense of community in a time where isolation became a serious concern.

Christian considers being a grant recipient over the last few years a tremendous blessing. While experiencing various highs and lows in his career, this organization has displayed their unwavering support through it all and that quality is what he holds most dear. He felt valued for his athletic achievements but additionally recognized and respected as an distinguished individual.

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