Discovering the Difference

The meeting between Christian and Wintecare could be considered an accident, a coincidence, and some may even call it fate. Regardless of the title, this incident forever changed his perspective and understanding of how a high-performance athlete should prepare and recover to achieve the optimum outcome.

Wintecare’s existing technology is unmatched, yet the research team continues to develop new and innovative solutions for achieving the client’s goals. The team continually prepares programs for prehab, rehab, and muscle activation exercises, emphasizing that no two people are the same and should be given individualized attention to support their journey.

Throughout the relationship, Wintecare has supported Christian through several 18-meter performances and multiple World and Olympic titles. They also played a critical role in his recovery after the Achilles tendon tear. This team continues to support Christian through the highs and lows of athletics and life—a value he cherishes beyond the technology of the machines.

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