Classroom Champions

Co-founded by a fellow Gator, Steve Mesler, Classroom Champions is among the partners Christian is most proud to be associated with. It is an organization that connects volunteer Olympians, Paralympians, University Student-Athletes, and Professional Athletes to K-8 classrooms through a social and emotional based curriculum and mentorship experience.

He first partnered with Classroom Champions in 2014, in search of greater life fulfillment and a structured way to give back. The organization provided him with a platform to share his training, experience, lessons, and random moments with kids all over the US. He believed that if students were able to take on the journey with him, they would be able to realize how similar they were and therefore motivate them to reach their own goals. Classroom Champions has reaffirmed this belief.

This program has become like a family to Christian and provides additional motivation in his most crucial moments. Christian continually speaks of his unique connection with his students and teachers, while remembering he is competing for something bigger than himself. The students push him to be the best role model he can be and have become that extra force when he has to dig deep.